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My name is Callum, but you can call me Cal !

Like many of you all, I am an avid racing fan, I love betting and taking some money back from those bloody bookies! I was born, raised and living in Leeds so it’s relatively sparse of racetracks with my nearest flat course been York which is arguably one of the best ran courses within the UK.

Wetherby which as you will know offers both flat and jumps, I was there just last weekend actually where I was waving my BRAVEMANSGAME ticket in the air (let’s be honest, he looks the winner 2 out)  but we all know how that ended! But that’s what made me fall in love with this incredible sport, the thrills and spills of racing and all of the emotions you go through watching a race.

I was around 10 when I watched my first race, and like most it was indeed the Grand National and as often renowned for, you pick a name or colours you like… my parents gave me a fiver and I ended up on Niche Market. And from that race, despite not coming anywhere within the first 3, I knew this was my sport.

Until being 17 I never picked the winner of the national as it was often just picking names or colours but the year that all changed for me was the darling that was… One For Arthur. What a boy he was, a gorgeous son of Milan. I had £10 each way on him that day, and my optimism about his chances influenced my Grandad to have a little dabble on him that day too. And to pick your first winner of the Grand National is surely one you will never forget and one I will cherish.

My Top 5 Horse Racing Memories

Now as I am only 23 and properly followed horse racing since turning 16, my memories will be of a recent nature but I believe they are some of the greatest, with my most recent top 5 memory being CONSTITUTION HILL absolutely dotting up in the Supreme, that performance for me personally is superior of his demolition of the Champion Hurdle. And what makes it special for me is that there were some question marks around him, what he was… battling out favouritism with DYSART DYNAMO that day until the off, but he surely put the doubters to bed that day in arguably the most entertaining and wonderful performance we have ever seen in the Supreme Hurdle.

Second on my list would be the battle of the beasts, Shishkin VS  Energumene (1) in the Clarence House, that race is a joy to watch, and I must have watched it around 30 times. I can’t ever fathom how Shiskin got back up that day to beat Energumene, especially with noodle arms in the saddle… one for the ages that race! 

Finally, I think as a memory and performance of our sport… For me, Honeysuckle’s performance in last years Mare’s Hurdle almost brought a tear to my eye. The Queen of our sport showed why she has that status that day, and truly silenced all doubters that day and I still don’t know why she was backable around 100/30 but I was not complaining.

I absolutely got my boots filled on it, known round here as GSI and that ended up being the race of the week for me. An absolute fairy-tale ending for the Queen of our sport and the send off she deserved. What a day that was for racing fans.

Now the horse I am most looking forwards to seeing this season is away from the main attractions such as Con Hill and Galopin Des Champs, I was torn between El Fabiolo and Impervious but I have ended up on Marine National.

Since the day Andrew put him up at 20/1 for the Supreme last year I have followed this boy and I think he is the real deal, he is going to be an absolute monster this year over a fence and improve a tonne for it. I do anticipate that he will go down the Arkle route and I have already got a bit of 5s for this years renewal. I can just picture now stone hands Mikey in the saddle, hard held on the steel and dotting up the hill with Facile Vega watching his back side in defeat! He is a proper horse!

Overall, I hope you have enjoyed this short read ladies and gents on a small insight into racing through my eyes. If all goes well I may be returning with some blogs and tips to make you all rich!

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